2011 | 12 | 1 | 127-138
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Estimation of Domain Means on The Basis of Strategy Dependent on Depth Function of Auxiliary Variables’ Distribution

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The paper deals with the problem of estimation of a domain means in a finite and fixed population. We assume that observations of a multidimensional auxiliary variable are known in the population. The proposed estimation strategy consists of the well known Horvitz-Thompson estimator and the non-simple sampling design dependent on a synthetic auxiliary variable whose observations are equal to the values of a depth function of the auxiliary variable distribution. The well known spherical and Mahalanobis depth functions are considered. A sampling design is proportionate to the maximal order statistic determined on the basis of the synthetic auxiliary variable observations in a simple sample drawn without replacement. A computer simulation analysis leads to the conclusion that the proposed estimation strategy is more accurate for domain means than the well known simple sample means.
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  • Katowice University of Economics
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