2013 | 5(60) | 25-43
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Przemiany w zakresie wzorców etycznych w perspektywie transformacji społecznej w Polsce. Aspekt teologieznomoralny

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Transformations in Ethics Patterns Against the Backdrop of Social Transformations in Poland. The Moral Theological Aspect
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Concrete ideals play an essential role in the functioning of each community; they arc patterns of conduct, behavioral models, and examples of desirable actions. They rule human life, direct its way to the truth and good under concrete circumstances defined by socio-cultural conditions. Over the ages there arc continuous transformations in the sphere of patterns of conduct and ideals of individual and social life. This is related to the changes of social systems and their hierarchies of value. Such changes can be observed in Poland and the social transformation that has lasted over twenty years. The general direction at freedom, self-realization, and a clear weakening of the sense of sacrum have affected the change in the approach to the role of authorities. Such phenomena as pluralism, individualism, and practical materialism have caused the establishment of new ethical models and new modes of their imitation. This situation is a challenge for the Church whose task is to show a proper measure of humanity and the ideal of social life.
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