2013 | 151 | 169-180
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The Impact of Global Factors on Development of Group - Buying Model

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Group - buying is a relatively new form of online selling, that has been rapidly growing all over the world. In Poland the first Internet group - buying services occurred in 2010 and their popularity has still been growing. The purpose of the paper is to present global factors that stimulate development of group buying model. Customers' behaviour depends on many factors, including global factors connected with global crisis and changes in customer behaviour. These factors make customers search for attractive and cheap offers. Group - buying provides them with such a possibility. The aim of the paper is to show the dynamics of development of that e-commerce model of selling by Internet. The aim is also to show the changes that take place in the structure of group - buying market. In the paper the business model of group - buying and its development in Poland is characterised. Also, the global factors that make the group-buying services attractive for customers are presented.
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