2012 | 13 - "Stare" i "nowe" mocarstwa w Afryce - stygmaty kulturowe, religijne, polityczne, ekonomiczne i społeczne | 391-421
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Zachodnie mocarstwa wobec wydarzeń w Afryce Północnej

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Wetern Great Powers towards the events in North Africa
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The mass demonstrations, which took place in the North Africa, soon called "Arab Spring", constituted unexpected surprise for Western Great Powers. As yet, the international community, haven't expected, that mass protests could, firstly became grass roots initiative, which do not have any connections with political or religious organizations, secondly boiled over into huge, social movement able to drive authoritarian regime out. Western Great Powers were confident that such situation could have happened after coup achieved by Islamists. Events that took place in the North Africa at the turn of 2010 and 2011 have shown the miscalculations of the West. This paper presents the reactions of Western Great Powers to "Arab Spring".
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