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Czwarte przebudzenie Ameryki

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In this article we see Great Awakenings as the results of critical dis-junction in self-understanding. They are not brief outbursts of mass emo-tionalism by one group or another but profound cultural transformations affecting all Americans and extending over a generation or more. Awak-enings begin in periods of cultural distortion and grave personal stress, when people lose faith in legitimacy of norms, the viability of institutions and the authority of leaders in state and church. They eventuate in basic reconstructing of institutions and redefinitions of social goals. Great awakenings are not periods of social neurosis, they are times of revitali-zation, they are therapeutic and cathartic, not pathological. They restore cultural verve and self-confidence, helping to maintain faith. Revivals and awakenings occur in all cultures. They are essentially folk move-ments, the means by which a people or a nation reshapes its identity, transform its patterns of thought and action and sustains a healthy rela-tionship with environmental and social change. To understand the func-tions of American revivalism and revitalization is to understand the pow-er and meaning of America.
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