2011 | 2 | 80-104
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Tytuły kościołów archidiecezji szczecińsko-kamieńskiej - świadectwo wiary i pobożności Ludu Bożego

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Church to be dedicated or blessed, should have a title. Title of the church can be: Most Holy Trinity, our Lord Jesus Christ, dedicated to the mystery of his life or the name of the already introduced into the liturgy, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary under a call already adopted in the liturgy, the holy angels, the Holy Roman inscribed in the Roman martyrologium. The title of the church is a testimony of faith and an expression of devotion to God's people in a given time and space. Choosing the title of the church depends on the current of theological thought, and from spirituality and religious culture of Christians. Also, the choice of the title has multiple sources, ranging from decisions of the Church hierarchy, collective expectations of the local community, to the unpredictable inspiring breath of the Spirit, whose meaning is revealed years later in unexpected circumstances. Hence the study of the titles of the particular Church is an extraordinary community of people discover the face of God, his faith and devotion. Titles of the churches of the Archdiocese of Stettin-Kamień are derived from different times and eras, from the creation of the diocese in 1140, the Pomeranian, and then the diocese Kamien, to the time of the Reformation. Return structures of the Catholic Church took place after World War II in 1945, has since started a new stage of religious life and spirituality of Christians, as evidenced by the titles are also churches. Some of them, since the Middle Ages survived the Reformation period, and their titles were unchanged. The churches built during the Reformation, from the sixteenth century, after 1945 have been taken over by the Catholic community and basically given new titles. Another category are the new churches, and so built after 1945 and particularly after founding Stettin-Kamien diocese in 1972, the 741 churches in the archdiocese, 160 relates directly to the Holy Trinity, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (21.6 %) dedicated to the Virgin Mary church is 279 (37.6%), and 302 are devoted to the holy and blessed (40.8%). Overall, we find 107 titles of churches: 15 titles dedicated to the Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, 30 titles dedicated to Our Lady and 62 titles dedicated to the holy and blessed. In the article we find the evaluation of the current state of the churches of the Archdiocese of titles and comments, which should be considered when selecting titles for the new churches.
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