2013 | 162 | 169-183
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Wykorzystanie symulacji w ocenie wybranych spółek na gruncie kumulacyjnej teorii perspektywy

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Application of Simulation Method in Valuation of Selected Stocks Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory
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Cumulative prospect theory is the leading approach in a description of real choices. According to these rules decision-maker valuates distributions of possible relative outcomes of decision alternatives. An attempt to use these rules on stock market meets with some difficulties. On the one hand an investor has data concerning past quotations, and on the other hand he wants to know which stock to select now in order to obtain the best outcome in the future. The goal of this paper is to investigate whether the consideration of additional information about the distribution of future investment's outcomes can contribute to the selection of stocks which will yield higher real gains, than stocks selected on the basis of valuation of past outcomes.
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