2011 | 4 | 53-67
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Skuteczność nauczania drugiego języka obcego – próba zastosowania wyników badań w praktyce

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Efficiency in the second foreign language teaching – using research results in practice
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The article presents some remarks on the phenomena which accompany trilingualism of students with language competence in English at the B2 level and in French at the A1 level, learning French through the communicative method approach during the first year of studies. From the point of view of linguistic observation, at the very beginning of the learning process, it is possible to observe: code switching, various forms of transfer and exceptionally interesting psycholinguistic phenomena. The choice of electronic assistance described in the article is motivated by the need for an effective help for aiding the students in this new situation, which seems to be fully justified given the fact that such assistance is missing from the available didactic materials. These complementary exercises allow the teachers to focus on the contents they wish to impart and the competences they wish to develop.
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