2005 | 2 - Wielokulturowość w dobie globalizacji oraz integracji europejskiej | 154-169
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Edukacja w społeczeństwie wielokulturowym

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Education in Multicultural Society
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Contemporary societies are all multicultural societies. One of the consequences of this fact is the necessity of transformation of educational systems in such a way that the systems will serve a multicultural society and its variety. Different standpoints in the subject of multicultural education are taken under consideration. Advocates of adjusting educational system to the conditions of multicultural society, among whom the voice of Will Kymlicka is outstanding, argue that each individual is firmly attached to her cultural group. In a way everybody is a member of cultural minority, because each individual refers to some values which are not shared by the majority. Multicultural education is necessary if we don't want to deprive the students of their essential cultural roots during the educational process. Against this background the opponent argument of Brian Barry is outlined. For Barry multicultural education doesn't help the individual to function in contemporary liberal society. The difficulties met by the individuals from the minority groups in universal educational systems are exaggerated according to Barry. The different views on the problem of multicultural education are caused by the different understanding of the foundations of human activity. The advocates of multicultural education are primary concerned of culture, values and social conditions of individual identity while their opponents put at the first place successful work of political community and concern for individual liberty.
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