2009 | 11 | 53-63
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Powieść sensacyjna i jej determinanty. O kryminałach z Warmii i Mazur

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Distinctive qualities of the sensational novel. About criminal stories from Warmia and Mazury
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In the history of the 20th century literature sensational novels have always sought popularity despite many commentaries disqualifying the genre and labeling it as substandard. For example, after 1989 and next to the rising importance of the narrator hero - in relation to the so-far significance of the social-political background - the requirements concerning the form of expression have changed. Genres, which in literary tradition took an underpriviliged position, have become more popular. Their distinctive qualities have been used to make the story more attractive. This has happened to the popular novel, the family novel as well as the sensational one. On the Olsztyn literary scene, over the course of the decades of the post war period, several writers reached for a criminal story as the genre which, apart from the sensational story, was supposed to fill the regional thread of Warmia and Mazuria. The author of the article has in mind here Tadeusz Stępowski and Juliusz Grodziński, however within the Olsztyn literary circle only Tadeusz Ostaszewski developed this section of peripheral literature which gained popularity among the so-called average readers. It seems interesting that the writer gathers extreme opinions of his books: from applause and endorsement to accusations of graphomania and literary double-talk.
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