2014 | 3-4 | 138-148
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Semantyczna gramatyka kontrastywna arabsko-polska: nowe możliwości badawcze dla arabisty w XXI w.

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Semantic-based Contrastive Analysis of Polish and Arabic as a Chance for an Arabist in the 21st Century
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This paper is aimed at demonstrating that semantic-based contrastive analysis of Polish and Arabic can result in a new insight into the system of Arabic. Comparing Arabic with a language that is different both genetically and structurally, one can notice features that usually escape one’s attention. Discussing the categories of names of subjects and actions, this paper demonstrates that a comparison of the descriptions of analogous categories in Polish and Arabic grammar texts allows to cover more linguistic phenomena. It classifies derivatives according to the semantic criteria and takes into account all the possible means of expression – also those ignored by previous studies. This method makes it possible to demonstrate that in Arabic the so-called paradigmatic derivation is a highly productive word-formation technique, transforming adjectives and participles (both active and passive) into names of subjects, means, actions, places, objects, results and others. This analysis can serve as an introduction to theoretical studies that will be helpful in describing the Arabic language at all levels anew. It can also have practical application in teaching of Arabic particularly at Polish universities.
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