2014 | 20 | 103 - 113
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„Wear the Grudge Like a Crown“. Überlegungen zum Heldenstatus des Achilles in Tools The Grudge

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„Wear the Grudge Like a Crown”. Refleksje nad statusem Achillesa jako bohatera w piosence The Grudge zespołu „Tool”
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This paper explores the representation of Achilles’ heroism within an artefact of popular culture — namely, the song The Grudge by the American rock band Tool. In order to understand whether the heroic status of this mythological figure is affirmed, questioned, transformed or deconstructed, three steps are necessary. First of all, a closer examination of heroism in general and Achilles’ status as a hero serves as a starting point. What defines a hero and how does a heroic figure relate to the society he or she is embedded into. Secondly, one needs to understand the narrative means of popular music — on which media channels does this medium rely for storytelling? There are textual elements in songs — the lyrics — but there is a musical environment that should not be ignored, especially with regard to its relation to the lyrical persona. How do these two different channels interact? Does the lyrical persona wander through the sonic surroundings or is it passively drawn into the musical undertow? Thirdly, the first two steps need to be synchronized to examine how this particular song The Grudge presents and evaluates the heroic status of Achilles. While the song rethe heroic status of this mythological figure is affirmed, questioned, transformed or deconstructed, flects on his abilities and potential to become the greatest hero of Ancient Greece, it breaks with the passed down ideal of a brave hero and rather focuses on Achilles’ grudge, and the rage it eventually turns into, thus posing the question whether Achilles is a hero who actively shapes his destiny or a victim overpowered by his emotions.
103 - 113
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  • Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken (Deutschland)
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