2017 | 8 | 4 | 368-374
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Protection System Against Products Counterfeit Based on NFC and Barcode Technologies

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Abstract The objective of this report is to provide a protective system architecture and analysis for NFC and Barcode technology that can be use to empower consumer in the fight against counter-feiting and IPR infringing products using mobile devices. This report focuses on the technology that can empower the consumer in the field in the presence of the goods itself by using technical tools and devices, which are easily available. The report identifies the main immediate empower-ring tool for consumers. This is represented by a modern smartphone (or similar device like a tablet) to be use as a tool to empower the consumer in the fight against counterfeiting. The modern smartphone is equipped with a high resolution camera, support for different standards for wireless connectivity, a powerful processor able to support the implementation of sophisticated algorithms and support for NFC and Barcode readers. In addition, the smartphone can be integrated and aug-mented with a wide range of plug-in devices and tools (e.g., an USB microscope). The concept of empowering the consumer can be an important element to support Due Diligence practices and Supply Chain Integrity because the different categories of consumer can authenticate the goods in different parts of the supply chain and report the presence of non-compliances (e.g., counterfeit products).
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  • Ph.D., associate Professor, Vladimir State University n.a. A.G. and N.G. Stoletovs, Russia
  • Master Student, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
  • D.Sc., professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
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