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2015 | 20 | 140-157

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Obrazy na wygnaniu? Literackie reinterpretacje dzieł malarskich


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IMAGES IN EXILE? – Literary Reinterpretations of Paintings

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IMAGES IN EXILE? – Literary Reinterpretations of Paintings Śnieciński highlighted and analyzed three different strategies of using and reinterpreting images described by prominent contemporary writers. In novels entitled In Praise of the Stepmother and Don Rigobert’s Papers by M.V. Llosa, paintings are considered as catalyst for literary narration. Llosa takes organizes a game with dual nature images; he plays with the relationship between mental images and the media. P. Quignard’s strategy is ‘thinking with images’. His Night Sex is based on quotes from concrete paintings. He combines text with visual narration. The internal dialogue between ‘quoted’ images allows the writer to formulate his questions about sources of imagery. G. Perec’s novel entitled Life: User’s Manual includes images, which are an important element in life-project of one of the characters; they only considered as a form of literary scenario. The scenario for life includes commentary on many phenomena and trends in contemporary art (eg. conceptualism, minimalism, performance art). In all of three strategies, paintings did not lose their identity, although they have been deprived of their roots in materiality. Images gained different potential for action, a new form of existence.






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