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Hostele dla backpackerów. Przykład z australijskiego rynku usług noclegowych

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Hostels for backpackers. An example of Australian accommodation service
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expectations of its customers. In the last quarter of the 20th century there was an increased interest in individual low-cost journeys, which meant an increased demand for cheap accommo­dation. Thus, especially in Asia and Australia, a vast variety of accommodation facilities were created to meet the needs of a new type of tourist – a backpacker. Material and methods. This article describes an synchronous and diachronic view of the innovative changes made to the former tourist dormitory-type, ways of adapting the market expectations of hotel ser­vices to the changing needs of the consumer segment. Conclusions. Implemented innovations primarily helped to develop the competitiveness of the services and strengthen the local economy, associated with backpackers destination.
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