2020 | 3(275) | 209-224
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Nireńska: o kruchości archiwum i ciele tańczącym tu i teraz

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Nireńska: on the Vulnerability of the Archive and Body Dancing Here and Now
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The point of departure for this article is the question of the possibility of a biography of a woman – an artist – a survivor of the Holocaust. This question is answered through the juxtaposition of two attempts to examine the history of the life and art of Pola Nireńska, which came into circulation more or less at the same time. One of them is an artistic project: the cooperation of a choreographer, dancer and visual artist - Druga natura Grzywnowicz / Siniarska / Wolinska, while the other is a written biography by Weronika Kostyrko entitled Tancerka i Zagłada. Historia Poli Nireńskiej. The author reconstructs the assumptions of both of these projects, the way they treat Nireńska and poses fundamental questions about the meaning of biography today, taking into account both the most recent diagnoses from the field of biographical writing, such as trauma theory and Holocaust research.
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  • Uniwersytet SWPS w Warszawie
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