2018 | 61 | 2(126) | 63-73
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Manifesty cyborgów: awangardowa wizja fuzji kobiety z maszyną (Hannah Höch — Giannina Censi — Mina Harker)

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Cyborg Manifestos: Avant-garde Vision of Female and Machine Fusion (Hannah Höch — Giannina Censi — Mina Harker)
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In Cyborg Manifesto Donna Haraway writes: “cyborgs (…) make very problematic the statuses of man or woman, human, artefact, member of a race, individual entity, or body”. This paper returns to the very beginning of thinking about this figure and examines the first protocyborg images created by Futurist and Dada female artists. I also look at Dracula’s Mina Harker as one of the first Western protocyborg figures. I ask to what extent such images anticipated the new forms of subjectivity and how they made the relation between human-nature and human-technology problematic as well as thinking in categories of gender.
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