2014 | 165 | 94-102
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Badania porównawcze zachowań organizacji pozarządowych i przedsiębiorstw użyteczności publicznej działających na względnie zrównoważonym rynku transportowym

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Transport market joins suppliers of carriage and consumers of these services. However, it does not always function according to the terms of classic market competition, as there are subject on the market which function on special principles and have extraordinary needs and as such require a specific treatment. Both non-government organisations (NGO) and public services which perform transport orders belong in that group. Social expectations forces these organisations to behave in a certain way, which can be a subject to either theoretical or practical research. The transport market itself and its characteristics should be studied as well, for the conditions in which the transportation orders are carried out determines their success rate and quality. A moderately balanced transport market is such a market in which all the specific objectives can be fulfilled. The point of the research on behaviour of NGOs and public services on the moderately balanced transport market is to indicate the areas of convergence and diversification of the actions of the subjects. Comparative research of behaviour shows vast similarities, nonetheless the different basis of functioning immensely differentiates their market attitude. The comparative analysis as an essential method of research also allows specification of roles, which both groups of subjects have on the moderately balanced transport market. Public services behave in a way, which is typical of dominant downmarket collective public transport operators. However, NGOs market behaviour generates value added in the form of creation a special transport offer for groups which demand public assistance. Hence, the wide spectrum of behaviour, which allows to verify hitherto existing models of economic stratification of enterprises.
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