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Североафриканский фронтир и кочевники (IV-VII вв.)

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North African frontier and nomads (IV-VII centuries)
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This article deals with to the Berbers as a part of the frontier in Africa. Berbers for a fee under the Romans and Byzantinians agreed to carry the service on the border. Uprising Berber population when Roman power was due to abuse of the local Roman authorities. Byzantium faced already with the states of the Berbers, who have expanded their holdings due to their sedentary neighbors. Byzantines attracted Berbers in the service of offering them cash grants, as well as providing support against other Berbers. From Romans and Byzantines and Berbers took over the titulature and existence of sedentary settlements. During the Arab expansion of the semi-sedentary Berbers was a allies of the Byzantines. Their leader Kuseyla wanted to integrate into the Byzantine society. Berber nomads also raided the agricultural population of the provinces of Africa and Mauritania, without changing the normal lifestyle.
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