2014 | 187 | 171-181
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Miasto społecznych powiązań sieciowych przestrzenią nowej gospodarki

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City of Social Networks as a Space for New Economy
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Modern economy is increasingly dependent on partnership relations that are becoming a tool for gaining competitive advantage, both between territorial units as well as economic entities and other organizations. Particular aspect of development of new economy based on innovations and creativity are cooperation networks and their emergence. Such economy is based on transfers of potentials: both within business sector as well as between various sectors that possess complementary competencies. Globally competitive economy can be developed only provided that local resources and conditions created by the environment are fully utilized. It means that not only economic entities have to perform within cooperation networks, but local administration, public institutions, science and education, culture and non-government organizations also matter within them. Big cities therefore are predestined for development of new economies, because they concentrate entities from various sectors. Currently a lot of attention is given to building functional areas of cities. They are territorial structures that enable synergic development of territorial units, which are functionally- close to the core city. Relations that are built between core and its outer areas foster growth of potentials, which are necessary for economic growth and together reinforce a development of smaller cities. Therefore other dimension of networking is defined, in which core city's networks are broadened by outer area's entities. Thinking in category of urban functional areas is therefore associated both with the desire to strengthen the mechanisms of diffusion, as well as to create a stronger economic structures based on partnership relations.
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