2011 | 12 | 3 | 587-594
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A General Family of Dual to Ratio-Cum-Product Estimator in Sample Surveys

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This paper presents a family of dual to ratio-cum-product estimators for the finite population mean. Under simple random sampling without replacement (SRSWOR) scheme, expressions of the bias and mean-squared error (MSE) up to the first order of approximation are derived. We show that the proposed family is more efficient than usual unbiased estimator, ratio estimator, product estimator, Singh estimator (1967), Srivenkataramana (1980) and Bandyopadhyaya estimator (1980) and Singh et al. (2005) estimator. An empirical study is carried out to illustrate the performance of the constructed estimator over others.
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  • School of Statistics
  • University of New Mexico
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