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Zmiany poziomu konkurencji w sektorach bankowych Polski Czech i Węgier na tle innych krajów Unii Europejskiej

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Changes in level of competition in banking sectors in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary compared to other EU states
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The aim of this paper is presented the results of the competition in the banking sectors countries in the region (Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary) as compared to other EU coun-tries banking sectors, before the crisis and during the crisis. The article presents the results of own research on competition and concentration in the UE banking sector, covering the period before the financial crisis and during the crisis (empirical studies conducted on data covering the years 1997 to 2012) as well as the results of other authors in relation to the banking sectors in the EU countries based on the methods of the theory Industrial Organization Approach of Banking. The paper also addresses the phenomenon of competition between banks and how it affects the stability of the banking sector. The empirical results of the study showed that the level of competition reduced during the crisis in the in the region banking sectors (Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary).
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  • Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie
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