2011 | 17 | 59-70
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Poeci „bruLionu” — kontestatorzy czy moraliści? Na podstawie pierwszej, tzw. „fioletowej” serii publikacji („bibLioteka” 1992)

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Poets of “bruLion” — protesters or moralists? On the basis of first publication so–called “violet" series
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The text is an attempt to present the main strategies of autopresentations poets formation “bruLion” and their relationship to the world, tradition and poetry, revealing in the way of imaging and stylistics. The starting point for discussion is proposed by Andrzej Szahaj thesis of the alternation of serious culture (whose hero is the “priest–ascetic “) and carnival culture (with a main figure, “the philosopher–jester”), declaring postmodernity as a time of carnivalesque culture, anarchic freedom, polyphonic, eclecticism, irony and rebellion. In the poems of Marcin Świetlicki and his contemporaries, mainly Grzegorz Wróblewski, Marcin Sendecki, Krzysztof Jaworski, have been traced typical for clownish attitude manifestations of artistic rebellion, distrust of all institutions and authority, disagreement on the ideological literature, protest, provocations, mockery, iconoclasm. In addition to this most distinctive and widely commented “barbaric” and “wild” variant of “bruLion” poetry in the works of some of the representatives of the formation, primarily by Marcin Baran, Jakub Ekier and Paweł Filas, you can also find elements of the strategy of priests (sometimes shamanic), reserved by Andrzej Szahaj for serious culture, characterized the search for ontological and axiological Certainty and Truth. Sketch shows and analyzes examples of just such a — less recognized and less expected — attitude of “bruLionowcy” claiming values violated by the modern world, looking in the postmodernic magma and cultural diversity for some enlightenment, right behind him, usually unidentified and unavoidable to articulate meaning.
  • Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego
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