2014 | 6(40) | 115-124
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Legal framework of education of mercy of schoolchildren
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The article analyzes the Ukrainian state documents, which regulate the process of education school-age children to mercy. The main object of attention is legislation documents of the period of Ukrainian Independence (1991–2014). Due to the relevant multidisciplinary approaches, mercy is regarded as a concept which has in its structure the main content, the conceptual content and the frame that provides information about the pragmatic potential of the text with this category. Such documents as State National Program «Education» (Ukraine of XXI century), National Program of Education of Children and Youth in Ukraine (2005), the Concept of National Education (1994), Law of Ukraine on the Rights of Child (Family Code of Ukraine, 2008), Law on «Education», the Concept of National-patriotic Education, the program «Basic Educational Guidelines for Students 1-11 Grades of Secondary Schools of Ukraine», the Concept of family education in the education system of Ukraine «Happy Family» for 2012–2021 and the Law of Ukraine on «Charities and Charitable Organizations» were analyzed by the author. The analysis of these documents let us conclude that the frequency of use of the term «mercy» has significantly increased in the second decade of the XXI century. The first edition of the State Law on «Education» (1991) did not mention mercy at all. The edition of 2011 mentioned it in association with responsibility of the family. The most vivid representation of the concept of mercy has «Basic educational Guidelines for students 1-11 grades of secondary schools of Ukraine» approved by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine in 2011. There are 7 lexemes mentioning «mercy». The document demonstrates a vivid distinction between mercy, love, sensitivity, kindness, charity. First there were introduced recommendations and measures to educate mercy, depending on the age characteristics of the students. The document emphasizes that mercy should be formed as a moral quality in early elementary school. During the period of independence in government documents a noticeable evolution of semantic load of the concept of mercy is traced. If at the beginning of the independence this concept was presented only implicitly as a part of moral education, in more than 20 years the frequency of its use increases, and its conceptual structure becomes much more complicated. This indicates an increased awareness of the importance of its role in the Ukrainian educational system.
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