2013 | 168 | 256-269
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Efektywność w opiece zdrowotnej - zarys wielowymiarowego problemu w okresie transformacji

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Efficiency in Health Care - Outline of a Multidimensional Problem of the Transformation Period
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Efficiency is one of key notions in the theory and practice of system and organization management and is also relevant to health care. There are many economic theories to explain appropriate distribution of health care in the society. Controversies about efficiency in health care refer to the extent to which market mechanisms can an should be modified by new instruments of health policy. Efficiency in health care consists of expected effects of action on several interlinked levels: a. system as a whole, b. Organization of health care and c. processes (primarily basic therapeutic processes). In view of the complexity of the problem, the work presents outlines of different health care efficiency concepts and measurement methods, points out to connections and relations in systems, organization and processes which result on the one hand - from the development in medicine and new technologies, and on the other - from management decisions whose importance grows in the times of systemic transformations .
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