2013 | 78 | 4 | 85-102
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Kto był autorem "Epitome gestorum Prussie"?

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Who was the author of "Epitome gestorum Prussie"?
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The subject of the dissertation is the question of who was the author of the work referred to as Epitome gestorum Prussie. To identify the author the entry under the year 1313 is used; it is written in the first person and gives information about receiving the position of a canon in Sambia, but it fails to provide the name or the ‘surname’. The question of the identification of the author gave rise to a debate. Max Perlbach suggests that the work could have been written by a dean Bertram, while Christian Krollmann maintains that it was a schoolman Konrad. Marzena Pollakówna did not support either of the sides, whilst Udo Arnold stated the dispute was hard to solve. Gerard Labuda put forward a completely new idea: having noticed a similarity between Epitome and the chronicle of Peter of Duisburg, he suggested that Peter of Duisburg might have been the author of the former book. At the same time he admitted that his supposition might turn out to be difficult to prove. Jarosław Wenta compared fragments of the chronicle of Peter of Duisburg and Epitome, which revealed that Peter knew Epitome. Next, he provided evidence proving that Peter was the author of the work under discussion. The evidence included: the existence of a canon named Peter the “Elder” in the Sambian chapter; Peter of Duisburg’s citations of Epitome; the fact that the canon Peter the “Elder” held the position of a judicial vicar and that the chronicle of Peter of Duisburg reveals that its author was conversant with the Sachsenspiegel [lit. „Mirror of the Saxons”]. Finally, the researcher stated that he had succeeded in proving that the author of Epitome, Peter the “Elder” and Peter of Duisburg were all the same person. Thanks to Radosław Biskup, we know that Peter the “Elder” was a Sambian canon is 1301, while linguistic research carried out by the author of this article reveals that spelling used in Epitome diff ers from the one employed in the chronicle of Peter of Duisburg. Thus, it is certain that Peter the “Elder” and Peter of Duisburg are not the same person; nor were they authors of Epitome. The author of the article points out other canons such as Jacob of Toruń/Bludau, Bertold, Alexander as possible authors of Epitome.
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