2014 | 167 | 127-138
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Zmiany regulacji prawnych na rynku pracy osób niepełnosprawnych

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Changes in Legal Regulations on the Labour Market of People with Disabilities
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Economic and political transformations, that took place in Poland in the early 90's, significantly affected conditions in the labour market of people with disabilities. Companies employing disabled people, when operating in the system of professional activation of disabled, became a participant of competitive economy. New solutions in the field of social policy for the activation of disabled people include the mechanisms of economic support through the co-financing and refunds. The open labour market has become the declared target area of employment for people with disabilities. The aim of protected labour market was to develop towards the employment, in particular, of people whose type and degree of disability restricts reasonable opportunity to work on the open market. The analysis of effectiveness of system solutions and used economic support tools permits to conclude, that the real picture of accupational activity differs from the model and effects of implemented corrections are different from assumptions and expectations. Effective from January 1st, 2009, the amendment of basic legal act on the shape of professional activation system that is the Act on Social and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled, results, inter alia, in the lack of connection between the nominal amount of financial support and the amount of gross wages and the significant approximation of grants amount for disabled people employed in the open and protected labour market (since January 1st, 2013 there will be the alignment). Legal restrictions on the financing system in the current form of vocational activation system of disabled act in the antimotivational way on the employment of people with disabilities in protected working conditions - for those people this form of employment should be particularly open. It seems necessary to create conditions for sheltered employment and social rehabilitation of disabled people to be implemented in organizations that mission and goals are not aimed at achieving business results ("non-profit" organizations, public benefit organizations, associations, foundations, organizations running public benefit activity).
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