2014 | 198 cz 1 | 81-94
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Równowaga budżetowa versus równowaga instytucjonalna w sektorze finansów publicznych w Polsce

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Budget Balance versus Institutional Equilibrium in the Public Finance Sector in Poland
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The budget balance analysis in the light of the chosen theories of the public finance, with particular reference to the theoretical achievements of the new institutional economics (NEI) is a purpose of the article. It seems to be intellectually attractive, because the budget balance problem in the light of the NEI theory in literature is still not identified well. The article is divided into three parts, in which the authoress is discussing the following issues: a) the budget balance problem - the deficit and the public debt in Poland in relation to the European Union countries; b) evolution of views on the budget balance in theories of the public finance, c) institutional equilibrium in the public finance sector as the attempt to create the theoretical model - the implications for Poland.
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