2014 | 5(39) | 245-255
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Pedagogical interaction: requirements in the context of the person-oriented educational paradigm
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In the article it is shown that the pedagogical interaction between the teacher and the student belongs to current issues of the pedagogical science, which owns a number of ideas of cooperation, active, friendly, and therefore productive actions in the system «teacher – student». The essence of the concept of «educational interaction» as a system of mutual influence of the entities included into the common activities based on the professional education is revealed. It is shown that to the general psychological mechanisms of the educational interaction belong the following: a) teacher’s and students’ understanding the subject- and subject-object relations and b) teacher’s and students’ reconciling their own actions with the actions of each other. According to the personal characteristic interaction serves as a basis for uniting certain separate subjects into the collective subject of activity; and according to activity characteristic it serves as «actions exchange» using the subject-object-subject scheme. The interaction of the educational process subjects is understood as a multidimensional phenomenon, namely, as social, psychological and pedagogical, aimed at achieving the positive educational changes. The attention is drawn to the fact that the effectiveness of the teaching interaction will depend on the following conditions: 1) the perception of the individual as a personality with his own needs and interests; 2) identifying the interests of the partner, empathy to his success or failure; 3) recognizing the partner’s right to disagreement, to having his own mind, the right of behavior choice and the responsibility for his choice. The conclusion is made: 1) pedagogical interaction should manifest itself only in the form of cooperation after reaching by both parties mutual agreement and solidarity in the sense of joint activities and goals and ways of achieving them; 2) the essence of the pedagogical interaction is a direct or indirect influence of the subjects of this process on each other, generating their mutual connection; 3) the most important characteristic of personal interaction on teacher’s side is his ability to influence each other and produce real transformation in the cognitive, emotional and volitional and personal spheres.
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