2010 | 14-15 | 66-72
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Mind (the) gap. About the limits of London

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Mind (the) gap. O graniczności Londynu
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The Essay Mind (the) gap. About the Limits of Londoninstitute a wide aspects concern about issue - how definition of Limits exists as cognitive category? Author assumes thesis, that human perception is a way to consider space using by mechanism, which can accustom oneself something what it is unknown and what can satisfy needs of environment similarity. As the result our perception is a kind of photographing environment, so far as result of framework cognitive process. To confirm this thesis, author use famous phrase from Baudrillard's work - In the Age of simulation comes to every part of the concept up in the virtual reality, while strolling in to the simulation. We are trying 'catch' reality so as to fix it, surprise it at the border its double. In fact, the city arises in memory units before it can be fully recognized. But despite the fact that simulate turns out, that imagine sphere is not at the end moment or disappeared moment. London turns out a Place, which come as surprise, where it slips out in the coquettish way beyond any classification and cognition. It is cumbersome, especially for writers, who have observation sense and have pierced the reflection by the word. As the Author has convinced, curiosities of the place cannot be solved by simple oppositions well known as centre - periphery. In this project London reminds the urban equivalent crosses of the Times. London looks like muddle or confusion, the possibility of nebula, labyrinth, possible existence variants, which are not always visible for skilled eye and always crossed by many limits of restrictions. In this essay, London has presented as impression. For reader the first one is an exclusion, but for everyone London has other boundaries. For some it will be the apartment in Greenwich, for others it will be an appearance in this district, which can give them survival, dangerous adventures. The Borders between these territories or areas sometimes are clearly marked out and urgently guarded; more often they are blurred and deprived of their symbolic barriers or security guards. Above all, the rules are the subject of dispute, terrain performance, the impulse to litigate itself and even an incentive to war of exploratory. In fact, the exclusion shall be made at different levels. The Author has assured, that - of course, the process exploring itself the city in an organized way, which means that is also limited to a certain area.
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