2013 | 160 | 83-91
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Znaczenie czynnika pracy w dochodzie narodowym

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The Significance of Labour Share Contribution to the National Income
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Many of the contemporary economic researches have been focusing on the significance of the labour share contribution to the national income. Thus, it appears particularly interesting to investigate if the global, labour factors can provide a justification for an increasing significance of the labour share in the economies of Visegrád Group. In such an investigation, it is the effect that structural transitions of these countries' policies and economies have had on to the role of the labour share in building a national income that seems to be an essential element to explore. Therefore, the aim of the following article is determining the significance of the labour share contribution to the natural income for the period 1995- 2010 in membership countries of Visegrád Group, basing on the factors, which according to the contemporary world literature, affect this indicator.
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