2017 | 11 | 443-455
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Izraelskie wybory parlamentarne w latach 2013 i 2015 a głosy żydowskich osadników na Zachodnim Brzegu Jordanu

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Israeli parliamentary elections in years 2013, 2015 and votes of Jewish settlers in the West Bank
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Authorities to analyze votes of Jewish settlers in the West Bank in case of 2013 and 2015 elections in Israel. They became strong and influential group in Israeli society during its history. Oslo Accords weakened settler movement but last few years showed that this group becomes stronger. Results of analyzed elections realized settler political potential. They can elect about 5 Members of Knesset. In Israeli realities that number decides about stability of future government. Described outcomes also shows settlers’ support for radical right-wing and national-religious parties. The strongest among them is The Jewish Home of Naftali Bennett. He appeals to the tradition of National-Religious Party which supported settlers and ideology of Greater Israel. It shows how radicalism and intolerance become popular among Jews who live in the West Bank. It also realizes how strong are still radical religious Zionism in Israeli society and views against Palestinians. Stronger settlers and national-religious parties ensure right-wing Knesset, ideas of Israel as only Jewish State and another obstacle for peace process. Paweł Pokrzywiński – mgr bezpieczeństwa międzynarodowego, judaista
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