2018 | 9 | 153 - 164
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Social media i nowy marketing w społeczeństwie konsumpcyjnym

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Innovation in creating consumer values as an important factor in socio-economic selection making
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Consumption concerns many aspects of human life in both material and non-material dimensions. It shapes the attitude towards the family, spare time management, religion or culture. It sets the shape of our dreams, desires and life aspirations. On the one hand, it affects the system of our values, on the other hand, it is inspired by this system. Opponents of consumption, treating it as a secondary value and value in itself, accuse it of leading to the development of such phenomena as: mass entertainment, commercialization of culture or development of quite unnecessary, apparent needs. Instead, it removes the values generally respected in society, such as: interest in the fate of others, solidarity, care for the environment or the future of next generations. Today’s consumer is not a mindless human being subject to the rules of the market, they are increasingly educated, aware and responsible. They make choices based not only on their own needs but based on values existing in a given society. They purchase wisely and respectfully, remembering that today’s choices will be the legacy for future generations, thus the consumer’s interest must be synchronized with these generations. Nowadays, it is the consumer who creates the image of the company, forcing it to take ethical and moral actions, and also heading for conscious consumption. Such an attitude creates the opportunity to include the consumer in the processes of companies’ activities and their innovations, as well as treating them personally and more like a partner. In the realities of the new economic, political, and social system, new values of individuals, as well as of entire social groups associated with the behaviour of consumers of the modern world are developing. Consumption, on the one hand, determines the shape of dreams, desires and the way of life. On the other hand, based on an innovative approach to it, it performs a symbolic function that gives a deeper and wider perspective to existing products, emphasizing them as exceeding their useful functions. Consumers becoming more aware of their choices take into account not only the system of their own values but also the values existing in a given society. This innovative approach to consumption creates new quality, a new lifestyle, it shapes new roles, it draws attention to the environment around us, and it cares about the sensible use of its resources and its means. Following values in the selection of products reveals responsibility connected to decision making, its impact on the environment and on entire social groups. They allow the individual to realize themselves in the group and the human community, they enable human development, achieving customer satisfaction, and avoiding the plundering economy.
153 - 164
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  • Uniwersytet Wrocławski
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