2009 | 1 | 27-46
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Geopolityczne myślenie o ładzie międzynarodowym

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International order in geopolitical thought
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It is not possible to disregard the influence geopolitical factor on transformation of international reality, similarly it should not overestimate. The popularity geopolitical thought favour growing dynamics of changes in international relations, the decomposition of old systems of strengths and shaping the new policentryzm. The relative sense is falling of United States power and growthing a new great powers, shape of international balance system. The realistic optics forces to see the world hierarchy of strengths the objective order, which permits to bring back the individual international roles to occupy by states position. In explaining today's International Order, geopolitics plaits and is supplement with globalization. The Geopolicy take into account the most important objects from the point of the global balance of might, especially with part of a new powers. During when globalization anticipates the growing correlations as well, as the maturation the cooperative and integration processes. The geopolitical structure of international system has three-phase character, despite that happend the total decomposition of cold-war divisions. The „first” world make up the the richest states of the West. In contrast to them determine "third world”, full of regress and instability, in which exists tens of geopolitical individuals menaced with fall. Between world of wealth and poverty is alocated "second” world, which has the same character, typical for both. There are states, which will decide about international balance of strentgh in XXI age among three main sources of power – the United States, European Union and China. Also, belong to them Russia, the Latin states, states of ASEAN, Iran and arabian states. Their position is stable, they can, in dependence of development, to join to „first” world or falling in regress and find in „third” world. Binding this geopolittical division with effects of globalization as profitable visions, in civilization sense, it is possible to accept, that the „first” world is globalizated, the „second” world – partly globalizated and the „third” – where globalization is absence.
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