2013 | 154 | 72-81
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Postęp techniczny a rola zasobów naturalnych w procesie produkcji

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Technological Progress and Natural Resources in Production Process
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The ongoing technological progress creates many new possibilities for the use of natural resources. Economic theory does not give a straight answer to questions on the role of resources in the production process - it is unclear if natural resources are complementary or substitutive with other factors. A natural question on the impact of these facts on longterm economic growth arise. There are opinions that technological progress will provide solution to all the problems associated with the depletion of the resources. The purpose of this paper is to attempt to answer questions about the theoretical relationship between long term economic growth, technological progress and the consumption of natural resources, taking into account the modern theory of growth and ecological economics. The main subject of research is the impact that role of natural resources (complementary or substitution) to the other factors of production can have on growth. An additional question is about role of exogenous technological progress.
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