2013 | 131 | 151-160
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Sytuacja lokalnych rynków pracy województwa opolskiego w kontekście procesów migracyjnych

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State of Local Labour Markets in the Opole Provence in Context of Migration Processes
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Migrations of people from the Opole province to European Union countries, especially to Germany and the Netherlands have a significant impact on the labour market situation in the region. Analysis of the structure of unemployment in the Opole province, according to some socio-demographic characteristics, shows that the problem of unemployment threatens people in the specific situation on the labour market - young people under 25 years of age, people with low professional qualifications, or those who don't have any qualifications. A high percentage of unemployed women and long-termed unemployed people is observed. However, in the context of migration processes, there are clear spatial variations in size and structure of unemployment in the Opole province, which are closely linked to ethnicity of the population. The population of Silesia, which has dual nationality - Polish and German, since the early 90s of the last century has been leaving for a profit to the west of Europe. In the areas inhabited by this population the unemployment rate is much lower, which is associated with migration for economic reasons, but on the other hand these trips have contributed to the depletion of labour forces in terms of quantity and quality. Many local labour markets for many years have been struggling with a shortage of skilled labour force. Polish accession to the European Union made it possible to work abroad, which resulted in a further increase in international migration, and thus is reflected in the labour market situation in the region. Currently it is estimated that approximately 150 thousand of the Opole province residents stay abroad.
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