2014 | 199 | 314-325
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System zarządzania ryzykiem jako źródło wiedzy o zagrożeniach w organizacjach publicznych w Polsce

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Risk Management System as a Source of Knowledge About Hazards in Public Organizations in Poland
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The aim of the paper is to discuss the selected issues on risk management in public organizations in Poland. In particular, the issue of implementing the comprehensive risk management system in the public sector is of top priority in the discourse. For the complex risk management requires the integrated management thereof. Only such a formula ensures the comprehensive management of any threats in public organizations. The operated system of the integrated risk management would allow for timely anticipation of some of the types of threats or for determining the most suitable manner of risk response. The risk management system operated within the organization ought to be fully IT-supported. Owing to this, the risk managers will be able to acquire the current information on risk on regular basis, store it in the proper bases, process it, which will allow for counter-acting the risk in a more efficient manner in future as opposed to the common practice so far.
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