2015 | 14 | 141-149
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Muzułmanie w buddyjskiej Birmie. Geneza i oblicza konfliktu

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The aim of this article is to present contemporary conflict between Muslims and - Buddhists in Burma. Understanding the problem is not possible without presenting the colonial past of this country and its ethnic diversity. Burma is inhabited by over 100 nationalities and social divisions date back to the creation of the first Burmese Empire. In addition, today we can observe radicalization of Theravada Buddhists Theravada world, for example by symposia and conferences published by radical monks, warning against the threat of Islam. In Burma leading figure objecting to the presence of Muslims is a monk U Wirathu. His nationalist "969 Movement" is known for its acts of vandalism against religious minorities. Writing about the situation of Muslims in Burma we can not forget about the situation Rohingya, which the UN has described as "the most persecuted ethnic group in the world".
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