2015 | 13 | 69-74
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Niepożądane skutki uboczne przemian sztuki najnowszej

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The Unwanted Accidental Results of Art Modernizations The problematic and complications within the development of art is the subject of this text. Today this brings into being the performative shake of openings, announcements and debuts without any consequence (the novelty as novelty itself; or the simulated novelty). It creates a variety but without any differences, that is in fact - dullness. The author briefly analyses what kind of limitations and thoughtlessness we have been sentenced to by our “open, critical and creative variety” in the recent period. Analysis is made using the example of four main superstitions that have shaped the art worlds’ intellectual climate: variety, currentness, commitment and controversy. It proves that in fact the concepts were not arguments or explanations but … problems. Problems that have not been undertaken at all. Sławomir Marzec raises the question: what is the reason to practice deconstruction, when the public (and frequently the authors too) are not able to distinguish deconstruction from frolic? Similarly: to practice the strategy of “appropriation” as insolent feeding (instead of subtle trance / subjectiveness). Or the desublimating “abject” which often appears only as the canonization of vulgarity. As a consequence it brings the danger of identification of the new cultural (and artistic) competence together with a principal hypocrisy and primitive smartness. The author formulates the newest challenges to art (and to the art world) – perceiving the reality as complex dynamical multi dimensionality, authentic pluralism, individual subjectiveness (and so on). The concept of plurality results here in the right to have art (both as an artist and a viewer) on ones own measure. He is afraid that we will not be rid of the present chaos and ambiguity of notions, if we do not make more readable, more functional, the ideas of currentness, variety, controversy and commitment.
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