2015 | 2(36) | 60-73
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Analiza metodyk budowy ontologii zasobów internetowych

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Analysis of methodologies of Internet resources ontology design
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The article discusses the problem of analysis of online resources ontology design methodologies. For this purpose, the available ontology design methodologies were identified: Cyc, Gruninger & Fox methodology, Ushold & King methodology, On-To- Knowledge, Methontology, DILIGENT, HCOME, DOGMA and NeOn. Then an analysis of their suitability for the design of semantic description of web resources was performed (eg. website content, social networking sites, etc.). Considerations allowed to formulate a set of guidelines containing the necessary elements of ontology design methodology in the above mentioned area. The article ends with conclusions, according to which the best solution for the present problem of ontology design seems to be the use of a hybrid approach which combines elements from different methodologies.
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