2009 | Świat i Słowo 2009, nr 1 (12) | 277-292
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Tolerancja jako wyznacznik tożsamości... społeczeństwa obywatelskiego – Michaela Walzera wizja tolerancji

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Tolerance as an Indicator of Identity of Civil Society. Michael Walzer’s Conception of Tolerance
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Civil society is a sphere of human relations in the area of the state that is essentially different from the state. It is open to participation on the part of free and equal citizens, who co-operate on behalf of the common good. It is a sphere of differences, divisions and conflicts, and at the same time a sphere of creating relationships between citizens. In order to ensure a good co-existence within society, tolerance is necessary. Michael Walzer, an American philosopher working on ethics, political and social philosophy, stresses that fact. This article is a reconstruction of his views on the significance of tolerance for civil society. Walzer gives several definitions of tolerance, then he describes five forms of the government of tolerance and says about three countries that do not match any of these forms. Walzer regards civil religion as especially important for the identity of civil society. He separates the sphere of the state and the sphere of political community, which is civil society in fact. He stresses pluralism as an important feature of civil society and says that tolerance is so vital because it allows citizens to co-exist peacefully in society, so they can build strong relationships and co-operate with regard to the common good.
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