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Rudolf Kuźnik – działalność na terenie diecezji opolskiej

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Rudolf Kuźnik – activity in the area of the Diocese of Opole
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This article is another part of studies on Silesian organ building in the second half of the 20th century. The documents from Rudolf Kuźnik's private archive have not been published so far and they provide an important part of source materials. Analyses and statistics can support the research process, verification of the current situation based on autopsy. On the basis of collected documents we can say that Rudolf Kuźnik was very intense in his endeavours to protect tangible assets of the local Church. The organ building activity of post-war master craftsmen and journeymen was often underestimated. Sometimes their activity is evaluated unfairly and cursorily. Objective approach can be seen in taking into account the geopolitical environment of the region, access to high-quality raw materials or mere resourcefulness and wit of people in those days. These, as well as other aspects of activity turned journeymen into great, quite often silent promotors of their ancestors' traditions. Continuation of the art of organ building on land affected by war activities was a difficult task. Unfavourable conditions concerned the cultural property that was clearly related to religion. Rudolf Kuźnik started his activity thirty years after WWII when it was relatively easier than right after the war. His role in the field of rennovation in the area of the Diocese of Opole was, without doubt, significant. It was him who brought many instruments to “life”, which was surely a result of good cooperation between the Commission of Church Music and the parishes. Today it is estimated that there work hundreds of works performed for this local Church. Rudolf Kuźnik was born on the 27th of July 1944 in Rybnik. He developed his talent for organ building under the supervision of his uncle – Ludwik Kuźnik. He gained his journeyman diploma pretty soon and he started his intense activity in Upper Silesia and Opole Silesia. In 1981 he gained his master craftsman qualification. Following the consequences of the mining industry in Upper Silesia and the mining damages that appeared, he became an organ expert witness for the court. The preserved documents, oral accounts, intensified activity recommending his services clearly prove that he was reliable, very well educated in craftsmanship and a skilful organ builder. The documents also show that he offered favourable and adequate prices. This article presents his activity as proven by cost estimates, mensuration tables, instrument renovation, post-renovation documents as well as correspondence with the Theological and Pastoral Institute, Branch of the Catholic University of Lublin – Church Music School in Opole. According to sources from the organ builder's archive, his activity in the area of Opole diocese started in 1977. At that time, Rudolf Kuźnik often carried out renovation works together with Józef Latocha who, without doubt, helped the young organ builder enter the market, particularly in the area of Opole. The documents, according to place name in alphabetical order, include: Bielice – St. Mary Magdalene (preliminary cost estimate dated 18 Oct 1993), Chróścice – St. Hedwig (cost estimate dated 27 Jan 1996, contract dated 27 Mar 1996, amendment to the cost estimate dated 30 Sep 1996), Chróścina near Grodków – St. Michael the Archangel (invoice for organ renovation), Dobra – St. John the Baptist (preliminary cost estimate dated 16 Jul 1993), Gracze – Holy Trinity (renovation works cost estimate dated 27 May 1981, list of stage I renovation works dated 17 Oct 1981, stop mensuration tables), Jasienie – Holy Family (a leaflet commemorating organ consecration: Pamiątka Poświęcenia Organów), Jemielnica – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (letter from the Commission dated 20 Oct 1994, preliminary organ renovation cost estimate dated 09 Jan 1995), Księże Pole – St. Bartholomew (letter to Aug. Laukhuff), Lubrza – St. John the Baptist (contract dated 23 Nov 1990, invoice dated 20 Dec 1991, cost estimate dated 22 Aug 1992, wooden pipe cost estimate, stop mensuration tables), Niemodlin – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (list of works concerning renovation of a mechanical organ dated 10 Oct 1982), Polska Nowa Wieś – Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (organ acceptance report dated 17 Oct 1980, invoice dated 01 Apr 1980 and 01 May 1980), Opole-Gosławice – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (preliminary cost estimate dated 02 May 1994), Owsiszcze – Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus (cost estimate dated 02 Feb 1994, information about the instrument and its disposition, a letter from the Institute dated 02 Feb 1994, stop mensuration tables), Przełęk – St. Nicholas (a list of renovation works dated 03 Jul 1984), Przylesie – St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr (description of works, stop mensuration tables), Racibórz – St. James (preliminary cost estimate dated 13 Feb 1993), Racibórz-Studzienna – Holy Cross (preliminary cost estimate dated 13 Feb 1993), Racibórz – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (preliminary cost estimate dated 13 Feb 1993, decision of a commission from Opole concerning a tender procedure dated 28 Jun 1993, cost estimate dated 19 Oct 1992), Rozmierz – St. Michael the Archangel (organ renovation cost estimate dated 02 May 1994), Staniszcze Małe – St. Charles Borromeo (preliminary cost estimate dated 29 Apr 1994 concerning renovation of a 23-stop organ), Stary Grodków – Holy Trinity (list of renovation works dated 21 Nov 1982), Stradunia – Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus (cost estimate dated 14 Sep 1992, on-site inspection report 14 Sep 1992, report dated 14 Sep 1992, correspondence with Aug. Laukhuff dated 22 Aug 1992, letter to the Curia in Opole dated 08 Feb 1993, stop mensuration tables), Szymiszów – St. Apostles Simon and Judas Thaddaeus (list of general overhaul works), Ścinawa Mała – Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary (list of renovation works), Śmicz - Saint Catherine of Alexandria (invoice No. 3/97 dated 21 Dec 1987, stop mensuration tables), Świerkle – Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (instrument description, preliminary organ renovation cost estimate dated 07 Jul 1977, note informing about tender result, invoice from Aug. Laukhuff, invoices for performed works, organ acceptance report in a filial church in Świerkle dated 17 Dec 1997, stop mensuration tables), Tułowice – St. Roch (preliminary cost estimate, invoice No. 1/93 dated 02 Feb 1993, letter from the Institute in Opole dated 03 Jul 1993), Turze – Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus (list of works dated 25 Oct /year unknown/). In those days preparation of documents was not obligatory under any clear standards, therefore the organ builder prepared them on the basis of his own observations. The templates that could be used refer to standards elaborated by Klimosz i Dyrszlag organ builders from Rybnik and their heirs. That is another reason why it seems unfair to rank his craftsmanship low. The organ builder usually followed his routine: on-site inspection, preparation of cost estimate, renovation and warranty service of the instrument. He used Polish and foreign materials. His suppliers were local partners: wooden pipes were made by Czesław Gruszczyk and later by carpenter Jan Szaboń from Rybnik, metal pipes were ordered from Waldemar Lasota, Krakow. He used the following chemicals for maintenance: Xylamit, Antox, Xylamon and later also Hylotox.
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