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Ewolucja zdrowia jako kategorii prawnej w systemie ochrony praw człowieka Rady Europy

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Health as a Legal Term and its Evolution in the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Protection System
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The aim of the article is to show the evolution of health and its place in the Council of Europe human rights protection system. The author analyses the main legal acts: European Convention on Human Rights, European Social Charter, European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance, Medicrime Convention and many others. The author shows the evolution and approach to health of the Council of Europe institutions: Committee of Ministers, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines, The Steering Committee for Human Rights. In the light of the above analysis legal protection of human right to health remains unsatisfactory. The European Convention on Human Rights does not guarantee a right to health-care or a right to be healthy. This is guaranteed, however, by other documents. From European legal perspective only an integrated approach to human right to health, taking into account both civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, seems the most stable response to health care needs.
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  • Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II
  • Statut Rady Europy, Londyn 05.05.1949, E.T.S. No. 1.
  • Konwencja o ochronie praw człowieka i podstawowych wolności, Rzym, 04.11.1950, E.T.S. No. 5.
  • Agreement between the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Director of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organisation, Strasbourg 9 .09.1952.
  • European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance, Paris 11.12.1953, E.T.S. No. 14.
  • Protocol to the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance, Paris 11.12.1953, E.T.S. No. 14A.
  • Resolution 23 (1959), Extension Of The Activities Of The Council Of Europe in the Social and Cultural Field.
  • European Agreement on the Exchange of Therapeutic Substances of Human origin with additional Protocol, Paris 15.12.1958, E.T.S. No. 026.
  • European Convention on Compulsory Insurance against Civil Liability in respect of Motor Vehi-cles, Strasbourg 20.04.1959, E.T.S. No. 029.
  • Agreement on the Temporary Importation, free of duty of Medical, Surgical and Laboratory Equipment for use on free loan in Hospitals and other Medical Institutions for purposes of Diagnosis or Treatment, Strasbourg, 28.04.1960, E.T.S. No. 033.
  • Europejska karta społeczna, Turyn 18.10.1961 r., E.T.S. No. 128; E.T.S. No. 158.
  • European Agreement on Mutual Assistance in the matter of Special Medical Treatments and Climatic Facilities with additional Protocol, Strasbourg 14.05.1962, E.T.S. No. 038.
  • European Agreement on the Exchanges of Blood-Grouping Reagents with Additional Protocol, Strasbourg 14.05.1962, E.T.S. No. 39.
  • European Convention on the Punishment of Road Traffic Offences, Strasbourg 30.11.1964, E.T.S. No. 052.
  • Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia, Strasbourg, 22.07.1964.
  • Res. (1968)32, Establishment In Amsterdam of a European Blood Bank of Rare Groups.
  • European Agreement on the Restriction of the Use of certain Detergents in Washing and Cleaning Products with Protocol amending the Agreement, Strasbourg 16.09.1968, E.T.S. No. 64.
  • Agreement on the Transfer of Corpses, Strasbourg 26.10.1973, E.T.S. No. 80.
  • European Convention on the International Effects of Deprivation of the Right to Drive a Motor Vehicle, Brussels 03.06.1976, E.T.S. No. 88.
  • European Agreement on the Exchange of Tissue-typing reagents with Additional Protocol, Stras-bourg 24.06.1976, E.T.S. No. 84.
  • Additional Protocol to the Agreement on the Temporary Importation, free of duty, of Medical, Surgical and Laboratory Equipment for use on free loan in Hospitals and other Medical Institutions for purposes of Diagnosis or Treatment, Strasbourg 01.01.1983, E.T.S. No. 110.
  • European Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehavior at Sports Events and in particular at Football Matches, Strasbourg 19.08.1985, E.T.S. No. 120.
  • Protocol to the Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia, Strasbourg, 16.11.1989, E.T.S. No. 134.
  • Exchange of letters between the Council of Europe and the European Community concerning the consolidation and intensification of co-operation, 16.6.1987, 87/476/EEC. Anti-Doping Convention, Strasbourg 16.11.1989, E.T.S. No. 135.
  • Agreement on Illicit Traffic by Sea, implementing article 17 of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Strasbourg 31.01.1995, E.T.S. No. 156.
  • Resolution (2003)1312, Progress on the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe: enhancing security and political stability through economic co-operation, Strasbourg 27.01.2003.
  • Warsaw Declaration, Final Declaration of the Council of Europe’s Third Summit, Warszawa 16-17.05.2005.
  • Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Paris 19.10.2005.
  • Bratislava Declaration on Health, Human Rights and Migration, Bratislava 22-23.11.2007.
  • Resolution CM/Res(2011)7 on Council of Europe conferences of specialized ministers, Strasbourg 15.06.2011.
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