2014 | 4(30) | 163-174
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UNESCO Architectural Objects on the Territory of the Republic of Macedonia

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Stereotypically, international society identifies the Republic of Macedonia as a former Yugoslavian area marked by the independence stigma during tragic events in the Balkans. Therefore, various scientific publications appear (particularly in the fields of international law, political science or international relations), concerning mainly the Greek‑Macedonian conflict over the official name of the country. However, it is rather rare to find in Polish literature texts on remarkable cultural and architectural richness of this small but extremely important – for the Slavic‑Orthodox culture – country. It is possible to observe, in Polish works, compilations on art history of South and West Slavs, but it does not extend its own scientific discipline, except the indication of necessary legal or political background. In the following discourse several considerations on culture and art objects on the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia (FYROM official name) are presented. The text consists of three main parts with an emphasis that the last part possesses also an internal structure. Basic information concerning the main tasks and aims of UNESCO is presented in the first part of the work. The following part is concerned with the historical context of the city of Ohrid. Finally, the third part of the paper contains considerations on the architectonical objects of UNESCO located in the historical city of Ohrid. The analysis ends with final conclusions.
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