2013 | 13 | 61-70
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Способы выражения категории I сложного будущего времени в тексте Радзивиловской летописи

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The ways of expressing the category of the first complex future tense in the text of Radziwiłł Chronicle
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The following article discusses word combinations concerning futurum primum. As a result of the analysis it has been observed that in Radziwiłł Chronicle there are word combinations with auxiliary verbs хочу, имамь, почьну and начьну charac- teristic of the compound future tense. It has been detected that depending on the context the word combination of a personal form from the verbs хот+ти, начати or почати with an infinitive may signify the form of the compound future tense or an ordinary word combination. As for имамь, word combinations of archaic per- sonal forms from this verb with an infinitive express only the future tense. In the chronicle the compound future tense is created solely by means of combinations between aforesaid auxiliary verbs and infinitives. The forms of the future tense with the verb буду known in modern Russian do not appear in the chronicle.
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  • Białystok, POLAND
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