2014 | 2 (2) | 64-72
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Wartość jako kluczowe pojęcie w dziedzinie nauk ekonomicznych

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Value as a keyword in economic sciences
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The term of ‘value’ is a subject worth analysis and literature review. There are various definitions of value connected with consumer goods, such as market value or production value. Along with economical growth in the world and development of economic sciences, there was a change in how the worth of goods was evaluated, starting from using cost of the production as a basis, to finally realizing that customers were the ones who set the value of a product and that this value was a subjective evaluation indeed, far from a simple sum of costs sustained during the process of production. The aim of the article is the presentation of possible perspectives of understanding the term of value and also to emphasize the fact that the character of value is also affected by subjective aspects that make it a philosophical term.
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