2009 | 9 - Ugrupowania polityczne i ruchy społeczne w Afryce | 11-41
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Zmienność sojuszy: meandry politycznych elit czadyjskich

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Changing alignments: meanders of the political elite in Chad
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At the outset the author shows the geographical and cultural background the country. Then he describes its creation and the most significant events of the independent state. In the presentation the author emphasizes that there are many opposing views on causes and the course of the civil strife in Chad from the first years of its independence. He summarises the most common explanations and points out that they are often based on stereotypes and subjective selected facts from the History of the country. He states that in these explanations there is much truth but they have to be taken into account in their totality and not on a selective basis. The author emphasizes the role played by France in creating colonial and independent Chad and continues to be involved by many armed interventions. He points to the changeable politics of Sudan and Libya towards the republic of Chad and also to the financial and other involvement of the USA and even Israel. He also discusses the role of „social class" and „professional classes" in the conflict, the role of Marxist ideology, cultural role of traditional communities and their segmentation. He underlines that these last ones from their nature have a limited role in the creation of state structures in the European sense. He explains many complicated interpersonal relations in the internal politics of Chad. Finally he puts the question as to whether this state is capable of existing and shows admiration for the many small local structures which allows the local people to survive.
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