2015 | 113 | 1 | 7-26
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Česká historická slavistika v kontextu humanitních věd

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Czech Slavonic History Studies in the Context of the Humanities
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This article analyses and evaluates the state of Slavonic history studies in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the 21st century. It focuses on selected monographs, attempted syntheses of the history of the individual Slav nations and upon the principal periodical of the discipline, namely Slovanský přehled – Slavonic Review. Journal for the History of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and compares it with a London -based review Central Europe and the central periodical of Czech historiography Český časopis historický – The Czech Historical Review. Czech Slavonic history research deals with the history of Slavonic and non -Slavonic nations and countries in Central, South -Eastern and Eastern Europe. It, however, suff ers from a considerable lack of thematic disunity and research atomisation. Slavonic history research has disengaged itself from the philological sciences and has underestimated the importance of cultural history. It has become a sub -discipline of political history with a strong inclination towards description. Thereby, it has somewhat distanced itself from complex historical research. Th e author suggests the solution to the current situation can be found in becoming more deeply inspired by general historiography; in searching for connected and subject -matter comparable themes; in greater openness to other humanities, including the philological sciences; in strengthening the research of cultural history and a purposeful direction towards the preparation of substantive monographs, synthetic works and encyclopaedias. It is possible that one of the main aims could be to ascertain the place of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe in the creation of the Euro -American civilisation and its active participation in the relationships with other networks of civilisations.
  • Historický ústav AV ČR, Prosecká 76, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
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