2018 | 1(366) | 177-190
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Konsulat USA w Poznaniu – w cieniu zimnowojennej rywalizacji (1946-1951)

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The US Consulate in Poznań - in the shadow of Cold War rivalry (1946-1951)
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The article provides an account of the activities undertaken by the US Consulate in Poznań during the years 1946-1951 against the background of Polish-American relations, whose evolution following the Second World War was affected by changes in the international situation and the growing rivalry between the USSR and the USA. The article attempts to answer two questions: on the organisation and working conditions of the American foreign service in Poland and the aims that the consular post in Poznań intended to achieve. A second area for consideration are the counterintelligence activities of the Polish state security forces directed at American diplomats over the first period of the Consulate’s operation. The analysis includes archival sources outlining the work of the diplomats along with surveillance of the consular officials in Poznań; these sources were subjected to the historical research method and system analysis in order to assess the determinants for the states’ foreign policies. The outcome of the research was the conclusion that the Consulate in Poznań was not a priority institution for US interests and simply carried out routine official activities, promoted the language and culture and fostered social ties. Deteriorating bilateral relations between Poland and the USA, along with an anti-American campaign by the Polish authorities and the actions of the secret police all had an effect on the Consulate’s working conditions including staffing restrictions, difficulties in performing official duties and maintaining social relationships, hence the decision to close the US Consulate in Poznań (on 31 August 1951).
  • Instytut Historii i Stosunków Międzynarodowych, Uniwersytet Szczeciński
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