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Globalizing Higher Education

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A global reconfiguring of roles in society is unfolding at a pace never experienced before, or even imagined. Higher education is leaving the traditional environments of university systems confined by national boundaries. Universities are facing the need to reinvent themselves in the globalization era. Colleges think in “degrees”, markets do not. Academics in general, will benefit from moving toward a more integrated relationship with vocational training, adopting a mission of filling the gap between training for work and educating for life. To navigate and communicate across different disciplines is a skill that should be acquired in university. “Experience education” should not be just a generic principle, but an actual and structured teaching philosophy. The world needs less national, and more international higher education. Powerful hyper-connection is a distinctive feature of higher education. Intercultural competence becomes fundamental, creating in fact a “global cultural competence.” Internationalization for higher education institutions is not merely expansion, in whatever form, across the world. It is also the internal general reinvention of its self. Adopting advanced technology, automation, advanced management, and the principles of liquidity and ubiquity, higher education will result in what we define as “Global Education.”
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